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Technical Public Speaker Entrepreneur by choice Programming is my passion

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Mahesh Rakheja

I'mMahesh Rakheja

Technical Public speaker and Startup entrepreneur

I am a Technical Public Speaker. I make people feel the technology, Rather just learn it. I have a keen interest in cybersecurity and malware analysis.I represented myself in many national & international conferences like TheHackersConferenece, Malcon & much more.I trained and worked with various governmental departments which include Indian army, State Intelligence, Police Department.I helped many detective services with my projects.My passion and interest made me to enter into training domain.I am now associated with various organizations as a mentor and providing security consultancy for multiple startups.I am successfully running two startups; One is on the development and other is in training.I trained more than 10,000 students and 1200 working professionals.I delivered lectures at IIT’s, NIT’s, BIT’s, DTU, Andhra University and many other national and international colleges and universities.I trained students from India, Germany, Australia, Angola, Nigeria & many other countries. Traveled almost complete India, Just to spread awareness about technology.Interviewed by AAJTAK, ZEENEWS, TOI, THE HINDU, 93.3 MYFM.

Core Interest

Cyber Security

Hack yourself,To Secure yourself.

Technology is growing tremendously, Increasing in cyber crimes.Knowledge of cyber security is even essential for non-educated.

Mobile App Development

Hold technology in your hand.

Digital presence is not limited to websites or social media.Your mobile phone application is equally important.

Android Malware Analysis

Check your mobile, May be it's having malware.

Your smartphone is not your personal. It's leaking your personal information and making it public.You are holding a live bomb.

Cloud Computing

Store in cloud,Hold it everywhere.

No need of infrastructure, No lack of storage, No need of management.Just configure cloud and sit relaxed.Cloud computing need of current era.

Cyber Forensics

No cyber crime is untraceable,Vision needed.

Cyber forensic is an art of investigating cyber crimes.Every cyber criminal leaf a clue, To see, You need cyber forensics.

Big Data Analytics

No time for DBMS, It's Big Data.

Websites, Mobile Applications, Social Media, are a significant source of data.Proper utilization of data to generate or maintain business comes under big data analytics.

other service

Business Digitalization

If you still believe in offline business, You will not last for a long time. It's time to be online and I help people to shift from offline to online.

Women Empowerment

The Internet is a sea of money; You need a bucket of knowledge.I provide technical training to women to start earning from home.

Career Counselling

No one can select a perfect career under peer pressure, fulfilling parents dream or just selected.You have to understand your strength.

Brand Building

No matter, How best you are?. If you don't know how to sell yourself, You are nowhere.I help people to make self-brand and be the best product.

Job Hunting

Learning technologies will not give you jobs. You have to avail right opportunity at a correct time. Job hunting is a process of finding and availing dream job.

Motivational Speech

Motivation is like a candle for your soul. To make sure your candle is enlightening correctly, You have to motivate yourself daily.I support like a lighter.

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Best product requires time, I am working hard to bring it on.

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Mahesh Rakheja's Feedback
Mahesh Rakheja's Feedback


Had a new way to look things.You have taught me some stuff that would matter to me a lot. Thanks and respect to Mahesh Rakheja sir.

Bhanu Sharma

Software Engineer,IBM.

You inspired us,you entertained us and we ended up learning a ton even when we didn't knew it. Thank you so much Mahesh sir.it was great experience.

Rohini Pillai

Student, Pune University.

Ordinary teachers teach their students to succeed. Great teachers teach their students to convert their failures into success!!! I think #MaheshRakheja sir is one of the GREAT TEACHER in the world.

Nitesh Satam

Student, Mumbai University

Young, dynamic, intellectual and there are many other adjectives to describe him. I am running out of words to describe the kind of meritorious person he is. This man has earned my respect and I adore him to the core.



Arnold, Angola
PI Mudhgal,Crime,Nagpur.
Hayden, Northen Austrelia
Cruz, Angola

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Mahesh Rakheja's Feedback
Mahesh Rakheja's Feedback
Mahesh Rakheja
Nagpur, Maharashtra