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Sunday, 4 February 2018

Lack of awareness can leads to BIG LOSS.

The world is rapidly moving towards digitalisation; Digital world is having lots of pros and cons. One of those advantages of a digital world is online banking transactions. Nowadays, Banking is available on single click increasing number threats to bank accounts. One of such danger is "Social Engineering Attack".

In social engineering attack, An attacker represents as a legitimate person and tries to extract confidential information from the victim. The medium for communication can be anything from social media to a phone call or from SMS to email. In many general cases, An attacker tries to represent bank's representative and send some OTP(One Time Password) in victim's mobile phone. As victim share, this OTP(One Time Password) with the attacker, Attacker deduct a handsome amount from victim's bank account.

"25,800 online banking fraud cases reported in 2017."
-Indian Government
credits : Times of India

Let's understand social engineering attack.

My opinion:

  • Do not share any information without proper authentication.
  • Activate two-factor authentication in all of your digital accounts.
  • Maintain separate accounts for banking transactions.
  • Use of Virtual Credit Cards for online banking transactions, highly recommended.

Please feel free to share your opinion and countermeasure techniques in the comments.

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