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Saturday, 3 August 2019


Nowadays everyone needs a handy solution for all their day to day problems. Mobile phones are one of the basic need to solve significant problems. These generate the demands for mobile application developers. The software industry is moving towards mobile applications to provide a solution for every problem — every business, whether it is online or offline, needs a digital presence. To make a digital presence, the business owner has to build a website and mobile applications. Many startups depend on mobile apps. So considering all the points, Mobile application development becomes one of the essential skill.

As an individual, when you learn about mobile application development, You have three options to start earning. The first option is to develop products and upload it on the play store or app store. According to the statistics by Google, there are two billion monthly active devices. Now, if you sell your app at the cost of 1₹ and out of 2 billion if 5000 people download your application with the value of 1₹, you will earn 5000₹ per day, and It will become 150000₹ per month. Let's explore the second option. As a mobile application developer, you can start taking freelance projects. Many organisations in the market do not prefer to hire a company for a project, and they prefer to hire a freelancer. You can take freelance mobile application development projects. Third, But not least option, You can join any of the software giant and mobile application developer. The average salary of a mobile application developer is between 10 - 12 lakhs per annum.

Following are the top 5 free mobile application development courses. If you complete all five sessions, you can be a mobile application developer. The total duration, of course, is 82 hours. If you invest 2 hours per day for learning and 1 hour per day for practice, you can complete all five course in approximately two months.

1) Java Tutorials


Java is one of the basic need to learn android application development. You can develop an android application using any programming language, But I recommend Java. You can prefer kotlin as a native language for android application. If you want to learn kotlin, then comment on this article, and I will update the kotlin course too.

2)Android Application Development


Once you are comfortable with Java, you can directly jump into android application development. Making android applications is one of the most straightforward tasks. You can create an android application in a few hours, once you start learning the above course.

3)IOS with Swift


Objective C was one of the native languages for IOS application development. Considering Java as a native language for android, Apple needs a similar style for IOS, So that it will provide ease to develop IOS applications too. Apple launched a Swift language to produce Apple's apps. Later they made it open source. Still, Swift is not entirely open-source.

4)IOS Application development


When you are complete with learning the swift language, You are in good condition to start developing IOS applications. There is only one restriction in developing IOS application; IOS applications require apple's product to compile form. Which generate opportunity for the majority of the people and thus reduce competition too. As not, everyone can afford to purchase apple's product. There is very less competition in the market and huge demand also.

5)Hybrid Application Development


The term hybrid clears out everything. It means to write code for one time and deploy it in both the operating systems. There are many frameworks in the market which support hybrid application development, Like IONIC, angular, PhoneGap, and many more. Xamarin is one of the most comfortable structures to develop mobile applications. Microsoft provides Xamarin. You can also refer Microsoft academy to learn Xamarin.

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